Apprentice game title image: An image of an apprentice holding a lantern and sword

About the game

Apprentice is a roguelike adventure game. Take on the role of an apprentice, sent into the mysterious Citadel to retrieve that which your master desires. You will almost certainly meet your doom.

  • A procedurally generated multifloor map featuring bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, classrooms, baths and all the other things one might expect to find in a semi-functioning kafkaesque mess of a citadel
  • A dynamic and destructable environment, light and douse torches, rearrange furniture, destroy walls, and watch fire spread
  • Multiple factions vying for dominance in The Citadel. Demonlike goblins here for mysterious reasons, feral dogs left to their own devices, malevalent spirits looking for anything warm, and even others, like you, looking for something special
  • Fluid relationships, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, or is that the other way around? Your actions affect the way that other creatures see you and respond to your presence
  • Stealth based gameplay, enemies respond to sight and sound, so sneak, douse your torch, hide in that barrel, and wait for them to move on
  • No Numbers, no level grinding, you are your equipment and your equipment is dubious at best. How much life do you have left? hard to say, but you're not feeling so hot

Apprentice is in a pre-alpha state, many features are not completed yet, and there are many wonderful bugs to discover!


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