Apprentice game title image: An image of an apprentice holding a lantern and sword



New Features

  • creatures will now witness each others actions towards friends and enemies and adjust their opinions of those creatures based on the action.
    • This can cause, for example, a goblin or dog to become your friend if you do enough things that it likes. In practice this is fairly difficult to achieve.
  • mousing over a creature will display their disposition towards you in a tooltip
  • dogs and goblins will now determine their leaders based on their opinions of nearby creatures
  • Added Scroll of Charm
  • Added Scroll of Berserk

bug fixes

  • fixed some crashes related to following, chasing, or targeting dead entities
  • fixed a crash when trying to view deleted entities that haven't been cleaned up as part of an inventoryi

other changes

  • softened general opinions
  • game now plays at full screen


New Features

  • dogs and goblins will patrol nearby their leader

Bug Fixes

  • The Scroll of Paralyze will now (once again) paralyze an enemy for 4 turns
  • The Giant Slug can move again
  • Walking backwards while grabbing a pieces of furniture will no longer cause it to be released
  • Enemies will no longer stand around outside your hiding place when they shouldn't know you're there
  • Invisibility potions now make you invisible, instead of just doing nothing
  • Goblins will no longer crowd their leader in such a way that they cannot move (usually)
  • Fixed a bug where giant slug would dig hole into waypointless rect and cause game to crash

Other Changes

  • reduced wisp count


New Features

  • Creatures can now have individually modifiable path difficulty
  • Goblins can spot traps
  • Goblins will move around traps to avoid them, and if they can't they will disarm them
  • Dogs can spot traps
  • Not much dogs can do about traps except move around them

Bug Fixes

  • Traps in containers no longer show as being "Armed"
  • Fixed a bug a crash when attempting to save memories of containers that no longer exist
  • Fixed a bug that caused previously revealed tiles to be hidden on load
  • Containers destroyed through non-fire means spill their contents onto the ground
  • Items from containers that are destroyed in fire no longer display in tooltip where container was, they're gone, burnt away
  • Talisman can no longer be lost forever when stored in a container lost in a fire
  • Holding something while it was destroyed will no longer crash the game
  • Targeting radius now shows all available target squares


New Features

  • dungeon music is randomized on app start


  • initial release


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